Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So here goes...
I am a big fan of A Beautiful mess  The Dainty Squid Food Coma and so many more that I will be sharing later. I have been reading blogs for years and have decided to finally make my own!
So here is the run down:
I’m a music whore and I’m ok with that. I love making mix tapes and on them you will go from Queen to Katie Perry. I have a 55 Buick Road master so you will see a lot of pictures as she gets better and better looking! I’m also a HUGE 40s-50s fan. I mess around with different outfits so expect that too. But most of all this is to express my thoughts and Ideas. I’m the eldest out of three so I will have some fun stories for you all. 
Let’s hope I keep this up!
Much love

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